Feel you snort oxycodone - Drug Tolerance vs. Addiction

Control-released medications are manufactured to gradually release into the bloodstream over time, and someone would only need to take OxyContin every 12 hours or so. With OxyContin, this can be very dangerous or deadly. OxyContin is available in strengths ranging from 10 mg to mg, and that is a lot of oxycodone, so snorting it produces a rapid sense of euphoria.

When someone snorts oxycodone, the rapid effect occurs because the effects go past the blood-brain barrier faster. Instead, it goes directly into your bloodstream. I am on short term disability from employee insurance and medical leave from an ivy league school.

Its sad because in I was athletic lifted 3 days a week and ran 5ks and 10 ks. Currently I am also taking Mobic for inflamation, the Celexa, the Oxycontin 10mg and a muscle relaxant-skelaxin- daily. I found Oxycodone to be much less addictive than hydrocodone. The HC made me feel "icky" when it wore off. I experimented with cocaine when I was a youth and it left this icky feeling like that drug which is how I knew it was having an addictive affect. The oxy, if I am having low pain and use less, after about 10 hrs or after waking up after a long sleep I start to get some symptoms of mild physical withdrawal like hot flashes or cold sweats and crankiness, but it's much more manageable, especially taking Celexa and the muscle relaxant.

He said he does not do this all the time. He has also traded some of his methadone for oxycontin several times. I don't know how he took the oxycontin. My question is this I saw my allergist and he said I might have hearing loss. Now I need to see an ENT to get my ears checked. Read More both are oxycodone Snorting is faster as far as onset..

Read More No question, I just want to share my experience. I started snorting Oxy M30's about 4 months ago. Being a raging "pot-head" and an occasional cocaine user, I heard about these oxy's that have just flooded southern Florida where I recently moved. I asked my new weed hook-up if he knew where I could score some powder, but all he could get were those Small, Round, Blue, M30's. He told me people crush them and snort them to make them work faster but recommended against it. Read More Six months ago, he decided to go back on pain meds, for his pain he told me.

His doctor prescribed oxycodone and methadone. I've seen him snorting his oxycodone several times. He tells me he takes the oxycodone this way to get it into his system faster, so his pain will go away faster. He has also traded some of his methadone for oxycontin pills several times. He said he did this because during the middle of the winter, the oxycodone and methadone didn't adequately control his pain.

Read More I am on my fifth day of oxycodone detox cold turkey also celexa I have fibromyalgia, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome just a mess but the meds weren't working so I stopped everything the anxiousness just stopped yesterday but i'm in extreme pn and i feel feverish like when i needede meds, how much longer what can i do????

Also my husband is going through it, it's been two weeks and he is not sleeping and exhausted what can we do help pleaaaaase!!! I have been addicted to Roxys a few months shy of 2 years. There are thousands of pain clinics all over the state of Florida who advertise in newspapers the kind of drugs they give out Roxy 30 mgs, Xanax 2 mgs, Just bring your MRI! Read More I recently asked him to increase my oxycodone to 30 and he acted like i told him to cut off his arm.

Still, I watched him carefully until He said that his limbs felt heavy and that the wave of relaxation was now a constant. I noticed that his eyes were very red, and his pupils were small. Washing my hands felt really good. I came back into my bedroom and my boyfriend asked for a footrub.

I happily gave him one, after checking my pulse, and his. Both were slightly slow, but nothing to worry about. As I massaged his feet, I told him about my hand washing experience. He laughed and said that the massage and the way he was feeling could only be related to exctasy He's taken it and I haven't. He said it felt like a mild form of exctasy, but without a need to move around.

After giving him his footrub, I crawled into bed at around 2: All in all it was a very pleasant experience.

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